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St. Patrick's Gig!

Hey, how's it goin'?

It's been a while, but yours truly is back with a brief update on what's been goin' on, and what's to come this week.

For those of you who didn't hear, my wife and I are now living in bonnie Scotland :) Yep, we've moved up to Glesga (that's Glasgow to you) and we're settling in nicely in our new place. I've got my wee music room set up, where I've been workin' on a cover song that I think you'll recognise. AND: I think you'll know the artist too. Here are some clues:

He's English, but of Irish descent.

He's ginger.

He plays the guitar.

He just wants to dance...with his pretty little Galway Girl ;)

Yep, you guessed it. I'm preparing an Ed Sheeran cover song! No, it's not "Galway Girl" itself, but it's just as good. Another clue: he wrote it for a film ;)

So that's comin' up, and the song will be released on Spotify etc. once it's done. My other news is that, on St. Patrick's Day on March 17th, I shall be returning to Facebook Live to play a short set for y'all. We start @ 8:30pm UK time, here's the link if you wanna join me:

Come along, bring a friend or loved one, wear something green, bring your favourite drink (e.g. Guinness, hehe), and let's celebrate this Paddy's Day online, as best we can!


Andy xxx

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