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I See Fire

It's been a few weeks since the excitement of Paddy's Day! We couldn't celebrate together in person this year, but I made the best of it all the same. My online gig went well, I enjoyed a few Guinnesses, and my streaming stats for that day went through the roof! See below for proof ;)

Now it's time to keep this momentum going strong, with my next Spotify release! It's a cover of a well-known song by an equally well-known artist. I'll give ye a clue:

The guy's English, ginger, and plays the guitar.

The song's from some film featuring small people, tall people, and fire-breathing dragons.

...or just read the title of this blog post ;)

I can't wait to do it! The song itself is ready, once the artwork is too, I'll be able to upload it via my distributor. Expect it to go live on Spotify towards the end of April.

Exciting times! Check by from time to time for further updates from the world of Celtic music!

Sláinte mhaith

Andy x

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