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2021 Round-Off's a short review of what's gone well this year...and what's not:


Hit over 60,000 streams of my music on Spotify! (See HERE)

Started work on songs for a new EP/album

Helped try and save a folk/mediaeval festival in Germany

Sold around 150 copies of my book so far


Failed on getting a decent mailing list together (need to do some thinking about this)

Planned to write book #2, but abandoned it (for now)

Didn't really play any live gigs (partly due to the pandemic)

So 2022 will be about doing more of the +ves, and hopefully less of the -ves. I do need to work on the mailing list, and find a concept I can stick at. That's been a problem of mine in the past - consistency. But this is why I reflect at the end of the year. To see what I've learned.

I am also attracted to the idea of finding e.g. a fiddler and forming a 2-piece that can play the pubs in Glasgow, and perhaps a little beyond. A nice, easy, Mandolin Orange-esque (or should I say, Watchhouse-esque!) setup. Let's see.

Have a Merry Christmas, and póg mo thóin 😁☘

Andy x

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