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Christmas is a-comin’ :-)

Written on December 17, 2017   By   in Freedom


Hey there!


Apologies that this post is a little late in the day (or the weekend, rather), the Christmas preparations have been taking over lately! But here’s the fortnightly update from me at Cale, as usual and promised.



Work on the popular Christmas song that I’m covering for Cale is currently still underway. However, I have done about half of the recording, and mixing and mastering it quickly shouldn’t be too difficult. I have, in fact, had some more practice at mixing and mastering recently, in that I’ve helped a colleague of mine do some spoken-word recordings. She wanted to record some readings of some fables, and we enjoyed doing that – partly because she got the recordings she wanted, but also because I was able to engineer the process successfully and the stories themselves were really nice 🙂 So now it’s on with the vocals, mandolin and maybe some light percussion for the Christmas song. Once it – and a short accompanying video – are done, it’ll be on the Cale YouTube channel, so keep an eye out here.


On the subject of video, in the past two weeks I’ve also had my first two stabs at doing a Facebook live video for Cale. The first one, which showed me beginning work on the aforementioned Christmas song, ended up sideways on Facebook xD But even then, it copped a view views and one share. The second one, which I did this week and which took the form of a live 6-song set, was more successful, although the resolution could have been better. But I’m getting there, and if you missed the videos and wanna see them, check the second one out here and the first one here.



There are more goodies that I have for you – let’s call them Christmas goodies 😉 If you click this link here and type your email address in, you will get 2 free Cale songs 🙂 That’s right, freeeeeeeeeeee! 😉 This will also add you to my mailing list, so that important news and music from Cale will reach you first, in more personalised form. That link again:


I’ve also decided what kind of Christmas promotion to add to my existing merchandise, and the “Even From Here” EP. Visit my Bandcamp page and enter the code cale20off to get a seasonal 20% off on all Cale music and merchandise. There’s also a link to my fanclub page there, if you want to check that out and subscribe to Cale’s content to support me annually 🙂



So with all this craziness going on during the final month of the year, what goals have I got set for the time between now and when my next blog post comes around on December 30th? Well, let’s see…


– Finish Christmas song cover and video in time for Christmas!
– Plan and finish the two emails that my fans will get if they subscribe to my mailing list and receive the two free Cale songs, as promised above
– Continue with Leah McHenry’s marketing teaching apart from that
– Continue with my MBCT (Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy), which is continuing to prove helpful


This is, of course, quite a short list, but Christmas and my 31st birthday (also in December!) are both coming, so I think it’s a realistic one for now.


Take care people – and, of course, have a Merry Christmas! Don’t get toooooooo drunk and I’ll catch ya before the New Year 🙂

Andy xx


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